New England Crush – Christina Courtenay Writing As Pia Fenton

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New England CrushCrushing on the wrong boy – why does it feel so right?

Raven Mackenzie has finally settled into her posh British boarding school when her parentS decide she has to attend an American high school for a year just because her older sister enjoyed it – so unfair!

Being a newcomer is never easy, but to her surprise she’s befriended by a group of Goths. She’s teased about her accent and English ways by others, but with the support of friends it’s easy to cope. In fact, everything would be perfect if she wasn’t crushing on the one boy she couldn’t have – a jock whose current girlfriend will fight for him by fair means or foul (well, mostly foul!)

Liam Donnelly is easy-going and has never given much thought to his friends’ cliquey behaviour. But when new girl Raven quite literally falls into his arms, and his friends do everything they can to keep them apart, he starts to wonder – what’s up with that?

New England Crush is the second novel released by Christina Courtenay, except, this time, she is writing as Pia Fenton.

In New England Rocks, we see Rain Mackenzie transfer to a school in New England, USA. When Rain settled in and enjoyed the school, her parents decided to make her younger sister, Raven, transfer as well.

When Raven meets Dr. Alburn, a girl named Lilith is called upon to give a tour of the school and, much to Raven’s surprise, is friendly and doesn’t snap at Raven when she asks questions.

Lilith, after giving the tour, leads Raven into her homeroom (a bit like tutor in England) where she gets to meet the rest of the group, Amethyst, Demon, Shadow and Miz. The other four quickly make friends and introduce themselves. Between them, they explain the different groups (jocks, Goths etc.) until one boy catches Raven’s attention, Liam Donnelly. The only problem,  he is in a relationship with Brooke.

Once again, the portrayal of the characters is very accurate and shows how easily things can fall apart. Along with the characters, the storyline is written in such a way that you feel as if you are attending the same school and witnessing everything that happened.

The cover is clever and follows suit of New England Rock with its picture of Raven and the blue behind makes the cover eye catching again.

I would recommend this book to teenager and above for a brilliant read. Pia has done it again! 🙂


New England Rocks – Christina Courtenay


First impressions, how wrong can you get?
When Rain Mackenzie is expelled from her British boarding school, she can’t believe her bad luck. Not only is she forced to move to New England, USA, she’s also sent to the local high school as a punishment.
Rain makes it her mission to dislike everything about Northbrooke High, but what she doesn’t bank on is meeting Jesse Devlin…

New England Rocks is the new novel released by Choc Lit author Christina Courtenay.

From England, UK to New England, USA we follow the story of sixteen-year-old Rain Mackenzie as she is expelled from her English boarding school Blakeborough and transferred to Northbrooke High in New England, America. She doesn’t plan on staying long, before returning to England, although, at Northbrooke she meets Jesse Devlin, the hottest guy she’s ever laid eyes upon. But naturally, her perfect crush is already in a relationship with Little Miss Perfect, Amber Lawrence, who seems set to cause trouble between Rain and Jesse.
The characters go through everything; love, betrayal and pneumonia.
I love this book because it portrays the life of a late-teen so well and is really easy to get caught up in. Each character brought out a different emotion in me. The story made me laugh, smile and appreciate my friends.
The cover design is really eye catching.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone in their teen years right through to adulthood for a great read and I can’t wait for the next book, New England Crush!

Will you be the lucky winner of these bookmarks???

Will you be the lucky winner of these bookmarks???

Christina has kindly offered 2 sets of New England Rocks bookmarks to two lucky winners drawn at random from the comments relating to this post.
Good Luck!