Credit to Sandworld - Grand Opening Poster

Credit to Sandworld – Grand Opening Poster

Today (05/04/14) many people gathered at SANDWORLD WEYMOUTH to view the new exhibit ‘Literally Sand’. Five local authors; Kate Kelly, Kit Berry, Laura E James, Kathy Sharp and Carol Hunt met down at Sandworld in the Marquee to set up with their stalls and promote their books. Kit Berry was selling her ‘Stonewylde’ Series, Carol Hunt was selling ‘The Portland Chronicles’, a collection of books, Kathy Sharp was selling her book, Isle of Larus, Kate Kelly was selling her book, Red Rock (I have reviewed already) and Laura E James was promoting her books, truth or dare(adult) and Romaniac Shorts; Fashionably Brief (short stories).

truth or dare and Romaniac Shorts are E-books (available on Amazon now), by Laura E James. The authors read an extract from their books and that drew people in the talk to the authors and buy the books.

The Romaniacs is a group of friends who write together and self-published (Romaniac Press) Romaniac Shorts.

Sandworld is a centre where international sand sculptors carve into sand to create amazing exhibits, following that year’s theme. 2014 is LITERALLY SAND, and there are exhibits including, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lord of the Rings, War Horse, Jungle Book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more. The local authors were invited to come down and talk to the people visiting about writing and sell their books. It drew a lot of interest and many people listened to the readings before proceeding to buy the book. All the authors were very eloquent when reading and read their chosen extract with a lot of character.

I enjoyed the day and talking to each author was very interesting, as well as looking at the exhibits.

I would suggest a visit to Sandworld Weymouth and buy the books, many are set in Weymouth/Portland and the Dorset area:

*Red Rock – Kate Kelly

*The Portland Chronicles – Carol Hunt

*Isle of Larus – Kathy Sharp

*Stonewylde Series – Kit Berry

*truth or dare (adult) – Laura E James

*Romaniac Shorts; Fashionably Brief – Laura E James

Thanks to Sandworld for an amazing day 🙂 🙂