Guardians of the Dead – S.L. Wilson

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When sixteen-year-old Amber Noble’s dreams begin to weave into her reality, she turns to the mysterious Connor for help. His links to the supernatural world uncover a chilling truth about her hometown and a pact that must be re-paid with blood.

As her father alienates her, and the Guardians take her best friend, her true destiny unfolds, and she begins a quest that will see her past collide with her present.

Drawn deeper into the world of witchcraft and faeries, it is only at the end of her journey that she realises how much she could lose.

Guardians of the Dead delved deep into the fantasy world with characters that tug on your heartstrings and show emotion deeply.

The action in this book kept me hooked from the beginning. The difference in personalities and the way people can change really show in this. You definitely see the development of Amber from Page 1.

I am a lover of Fantasy and Dystopian novels so Guardians of the Dead fits me perfectly. I love the way the chapters split the storyline and the way relationships change.

As for the characters, Amber holds a strong friendship with her best friend, Tom, who have gone through everything together. Patricia’s actions and speech create an instant disliking and really makes you feel for Amber. Connor can understand what Amber is going through and is always there to comfort her.

The cover for this novel is intriguing as it is mostly grey, Amber’s unique strand of silver in her hair is highlighted very clearly and the title’s colour is white, making it noticeable. Due to the cover having this colour scheme, the interest for the book is immediate.

I would recommend this book for teens and up without a doubt.

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and would like to thank the author.

Spirit Warriors: The Scarring – D.E.L Connor


The second novel in the Spirit Warriors, and just like the first, left me feeling multiple emotions.

All the characters have returned and have become more confident with their shifting, although, the more they practice, the more likely they are to be noticed by people. They can’t afford to be shot in their animal forms by hunters because then, both the animal and the human spirit will be gone.

Every time, I become more attached to the characters and it makes the read so much more intense as the feeling of reality is still there. You learn more about the characters Emme, Ollie, Charlie, Bets. Charlie and newcomers Jack and Raymond.

The cover for this is beautiful, the mix of colours fit perfectly and both warm and cold colours are incorporated.

I recommend this book to teens+ because of the adventure, relationships between the characters and the story itself.

Spirit Warriors: The Scarring is a fabulous book and once more, I could see this as a film.

Thank you D.E.L Connor for sending me the book to read and review, it was fantastic.

Leave a comment telling me which animal you would shift your spirit into. 🙂

New England Crush – Christina Courtenay Writing As Pia Fenton

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New England CrushCrushing on the wrong boy – why does it feel so right?

Raven Mackenzie has finally settled into her posh British boarding school when her parentS decide she has to attend an American high school for a year just because her older sister enjoyed it – so unfair!

Being a newcomer is never easy, but to her surprise she’s befriended by a group of Goths. She’s teased about her accent and English ways by others, but with the support of friends it’s easy to cope. In fact, everything would be perfect if she wasn’t crushing on the one boy she couldn’t have – a jock whose current girlfriend will fight for him by fair means or foul (well, mostly foul!)

Liam Donnelly is easy-going and has never given much thought to his friends’ cliquey behaviour. But when new girl Raven quite literally falls into his arms, and his friends do everything they can to keep them apart, he starts to wonder – what’s up with that?

New England Crush is the second novel released by Christina Courtenay, except, this time, she is writing as Pia Fenton.

In New England Rocks, we see Rain Mackenzie transfer to a school in New England, USA. When Rain settled in and enjoyed the school, her parents decided to make her younger sister, Raven, transfer as well.

When Raven meets Dr. Alburn, a girl named Lilith is called upon to give a tour of the school and, much to Raven’s surprise, is friendly and doesn’t snap at Raven when she asks questions.

Lilith, after giving the tour, leads Raven into her homeroom (a bit like tutor in England) where she gets to meet the rest of the group, Amethyst, Demon, Shadow and Miz. The other four quickly make friends and introduce themselves. Between them, they explain the different groups (jocks, Goths etc.) until one boy catches Raven’s attention, Liam Donnelly. The only problem,  he is in a relationship with Brooke.

Once again, the portrayal of the characters is very accurate and shows how easily things can fall apart. Along with the characters, the storyline is written in such a way that you feel as if you are attending the same school and witnessing everything that happened.

The cover is clever and follows suit of New England Rock with its picture of Raven and the blue behind makes the cover eye catching again.

I would recommend this book to teenager and above for a brilliant read. Pia has done it again! 🙂

Spirit Warriors: The Concealing – D.E.L Connor


Spirit Warriors: The Concealing left me with a whole load of contrasting emotions.

I love all the characters and the novel has a great idea behind it. It has the perfect description and immediately you, as the reader, are given the image of the world of Emme and her friends. Their friendship has been written in such a way that made me feel, alongside the description, I was there with them.

So much can happen, and it does. Spirit Warriors contains all the action you could possibly wish for in a novel, not too much or too little and everything has the sense of reality, the feeling of “I’m there with them”.

As the reader, there is the opportunity to catch on to things before the characters, but not here, this novel allows the reader to work out some parts before the characters but otherwise you are left in the dark until the right time.

This book is perfect for someone looking for adventure and friendship.

I love the cover because it’s very detailed and colourful. The cover also hints at the plot of the book, not enough to be able to say “I know exactly what this is about” but just enough to win the interest of the reader to pick up the book and delve into the story.

I was glued to the book from the moment I began reading it and was sad when it ended, because it ended.

I can very easily visualise this book as a film, the descriptions are detailed enough to make it a great opportunity for a film.


Loving Books – Dystopian


I love to read books and I would say my favourite genre is Dystopian. I love Dystopian novels because they give a view on the possible future.

Definition of Dystopian: An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. The opposite of a Utopia.

Many Dystopian novels look at how a political hierarchy can affect those lower down on the ladder.

The word political can sometimes immediately make someone lose interest, but with Dystopian novels the political side can be disguised inside the main plot line which is why I like it so much.

Leave a comment down below telling me what your favourite genre is and why and what genre you want me to post about next i.e Crime Fiction.



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K.Rowling


Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy – until he is rescued by a beetle-eyed giant of a man, enrolls at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learns to play Quidditch and does battle in a deadly duel.

The Reason…


I love the Harry Potter books and I know way too much for my own good.

I like the way J.K.Rowling wrote the books and the plotline draws you in very quickly because you meet the Dursleys and their obnoxious personalities. The first page alone leaves you with unanswered questions that can only be answered by reading on. Meeting Harry Potter enlightens you as to how the Dursleys rule the roost.

The famous Cupboard Under the Stairs and Four Privet Drive have become two places every Harry Potter fan wants to visit. But most of all, Hogwarts. Every Potter-Head wishes to attend Hogwarts. Each House has its own attribute and the Sorting Hat places you in the House it thinks you’d fit best, but as Harry learns, the Sorting Hat takes into account what you wish.

Ravenclaw – Creativity and Intellect/Longing to learn

Gryffindor – Bravery and Courage

Slytherin – Cunning and Ambition

Hufflepuff – Loyalty and Hard-Working

You’d think in your first year at Hogwarts you would only scratch the surface of the Wizarding World, but nothing is that simple for The Boy Who Lived.

The book has been awarded the TRIPLE SMARTIES GOLD AWARD

Every Harry Potter fan has a House, mine is Ravenclaw

What’s your House?


‘Literally Sand’ Author Event At Sandworld Weymouth

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Credit to Sandworld - Grand Opening Poster

Credit to Sandworld – Grand Opening Poster

Today (05/04/14) many people gathered at SANDWORLD WEYMOUTH to view the new exhibit ‘Literally Sand’. Five local authors; Kate Kelly, Kit Berry, Laura E James, Kathy Sharp and Carol Hunt met down at Sandworld in the Marquee to set up with their stalls and promote their books. Kit Berry was selling her ‘Stonewylde’ Series, Carol Hunt was selling ‘The Portland Chronicles’, a collection of books, Kathy Sharp was selling her book, Isle of Larus, Kate Kelly was selling her book, Red Rock (I have reviewed already) and Laura E James was promoting her books, truth or dare(adult) and Romaniac Shorts; Fashionably Brief (short stories).

truth or dare and Romaniac Shorts are E-books (available on Amazon now), by Laura E James. The authors read an extract from their books and that drew people in the talk to the authors and buy the books.

The Romaniacs is a group of friends who write together and self-published (Romaniac Press) Romaniac Shorts.

Sandworld is a centre where international sand sculptors carve into sand to create amazing exhibits, following that year’s theme. 2014 is LITERALLY SAND, and there are exhibits including, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lord of the Rings, War Horse, Jungle Book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more. The local authors were invited to come down and talk to the people visiting about writing and sell their books. It drew a lot of interest and many people listened to the readings before proceeding to buy the book. All the authors were very eloquent when reading and read their chosen extract with a lot of character.

I enjoyed the day and talking to each author was very interesting, as well as looking at the exhibits.

I would suggest a visit to Sandworld Weymouth and buy the books, many are set in Weymouth/Portland and the Dorset area:

*Red Rock – Kate Kelly

*The Portland Chronicles – Carol Hunt

*Isle of Larus – Kathy Sharp

*Stonewylde Series – Kit Berry

*truth or dare (adult) – Laura E James

*Romaniac Shorts; Fashionably Brief – Laura E James

Thanks to Sandworld for an amazing day 🙂 🙂

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